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Master of Arts in International Crime and Justice

Program Summary:

Credits Required: 36
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Under the direction of John Jay faculty who are both distinguished scholars from multiple disciplines and practitioners in the field, students develop a deep understanding of the nature and impact of international crime and the domestic and international responses to it.


The MA in International Crime and Justice program is designed for students with a bachelor's degree in the social, behavioral, and political sciences as well as for professionals already working in criminal justice, international relations, the non-profit sector, and related fields. The program requires 36 credits of coursework which includes 24 credit hours of core courses and one of three options; a thesis, an internship, or comprehensive examination.

The program offers the opportunity to conduct in-depth examinations of various illegal cross-border activities, including:

  • Trafficking in drugs, counterfeit medicine, arms, and human beings
  • Environmental crimes
  • Money laundering and cyber crime
  • Global terrorism
  • Corruption

Foreign Language Proficiency

To graduate from the MA in International Crime and Justice program, students must demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language of their choosing. Foreign language proficiency sets ICJ students apart from other criminal justice graduates and gives them an advantage in the workplace. Typically, students fulfill the foreign language requirement by passing a test administered by Language Testing International, the testing arm of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages. The on-campus test can be taken any time during the course of the graduate studies, and consists of both an oral and written examination. The cost of the test in not included in tuition.

Career Options

Graduates of the program will enter the job market equipped with advanced, substantive knowledge and the analytical and research skills necessary to pursue careers in Comparative Policing, Counter Terrorism, Environmental Criminology, Criminal Analysis, International Human Rights, Financial Crimes/Financial Compliance, Anti-Money Laundering, and Anti-Corruption among others. This program also prepares those who wish to pursue doctoral studies in various disciplines.